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Design & Analysis
Modeling & Software


Aeroflite Engineering LLC is dedicated to comprehensive and timely solutions to the most difficult and challenging engineering problems. Our team encompasses a broad spectrum of in-depth skills and knowledge that spans the life-cycle of a Aerospace Engineering projects from conceptual design, Mission Analysis, Preliminary and Detailed Design, Requirements Traceability, conception, mission design, detailed design, software development, integration and test.

Key areas of expertise include:

Systems Engineering, Integration and Test:

Providing design trade studies, Requirements Development and flowdown, System Interface Definition, Preliminary and Detailed Design for Flight Systems for aircraft, satellite, missile and Weapon Systems.

Mathematical Modeling of Dynamic Systems:

Development of dynamic math models for fixed-wing aircraft, launch vehicles, missiles, UAVs, UUVs, satellites, multi-body systems, rigid and flexible-body effects. Six degree-of-freedom representations for a wide variety of mechanical and dynamical systems driven by a range of environmental and control forces.

Numerical Simulation and Design:

Mathematical models of vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, environmental effects, actuation, control surfaces, etc. implemented in 6-DOF numerical simulations. Utilized for purposes of stability and performance analyses and as an environment for the development of GN&C algorithms. Also, for testing of system identification methods and overall system performance assessment. Simulations hosted in Matlab/Simulink as well as other stand-alone.

Guidance, Control and Navigation Algorithms and Software:

Design, development, coding and testing of classical and optimal control systems, linear and nonlinear methods. Autonomous guidance logic and navigation algorithms. Simulation (with Simulink/Matlab) development and test environments. Kalman filtering, model-based navigation techniques. Numerical methods for control of nonlinear systems.