About us

Aeroflite is an aerospace consulting firm with a difference. Founded in 2001, Aeroflite delivers informed, high-quality strategic consulting services to a varied roster of global aerospace clients, large and small.

Our primary focus is to enhance customer value by providing exceptional engineering consulting services in the areas of Flight Systems Design, Flight Software Development and Test and Modeling and Flight Simulation of aerospace vehicles

The straightforward organizational structure of Aeroflite results in quick decision-making and an effective response to our customers' needs. Our dedicated commitment to our customers gains their trust: our greatest asset.

We have a culture of being proactive and capturing opportunities in order to grow the business creatively. We shape our future based on our customers', partners' and industry needs. In this way, Aeroflite strives to become one of the most acknowledged partners for engineering and consulting services in the aerospace and defense industry.

Furthermore, we have the ambition to strengthen our position as a major contributor to the development of new technologies relating to Flight Systems, Flight Software and Flight Simulation of aerospace vehicles.

Additional Information

Aerospace engineers design, analyze, model, simulate, and test aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, missiles, rockets, and the larger systems in which these vehicles operate. The aerospace engineer is often a specialist in one of many areas such as propulsion, aerodynamics, fluids, flight mechanics and avionics, heat transfer, structures, cost analysis, reliability, survivability, maintainability, operations research, marketing, or airspace management. Aerospace engineers have also applied their knowledge to related fields such as automated mass transportation, bioengineering, medical systems, environmental engineering.