Aeroflite Engineering LLC.:

Aeroflite, based in Vienna Virginia was founded in 2001 by the President and CEO Shahbaz Minhas. Aeroflite is a scientific, engineering and technology company that uses in domain knowledge in the Defense/Aerospace industries to solve problems of vital importance in Aerospace, Software and Communications.


Flight Systems: Aeroflite’s experience ranges from Vehicle Aerodynamics, Dynamics and Control, flight sensors, flight actuators, developing flight algorithms. Aeroflite’s domain expertise includes aircraft subsystems, such Navigation, Guidance, Flight Control, Avionics, Weapons Delivery, Propulsion, Fuel Systems, etc.

Missile Defense: Aeroflite brings its entire suite of expertise in systems engineering, software development integration and test to bear on the challenges of layered missile defense capability. Aeroflite’s domain expertise includes Missile Guidance Laws, Engagement, Ballistic Missile Threats and design, coding, testing and verifying 6DOF missile simulation models.

Space Systems: Aeroflite’s domain expertise includes

  1. spacecraft, instrument and ground system conceptual design;
  2. spacecraft trajectory and orbital mechanics analysis;
  3. spacecraft control dynamics analysis and
  4. spacectaft attitude determination.


To satisfy its customers Aeroflite strives to provide software products that are on time and at reasonable cost that meet or exceed customer requirements.

Requirements: Aeroflite has domain expertise in using software tools that manages requirements traceability and impact analysis across a project's entire lifecycle, enabling quality development in both hardware and software projects.

Full Software Development Cycle: Aeroflite team members have participated in full software development cycle for variety safety- and mission-critical software for Aerospace, Communications and Information Technology.

Integration and Test: Aeroflite provides its customers with a diverse range of engineering and integration services for the development, modification and testing of equipment and systems in the Aerospace, IT and Communication sectors.


Aeroflite domain knowledge in the Communications areas, aloows us to support our customers who need domain expertise to solve problems with Data,Wireless, and Optical Communication, Local Area Networks and VoIP.

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